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Dry eye

Dry eye
Dry eye syndrome can be caused by many different factors, and, in most cases, requires treatment by eye drops which can be of various types – lubricating, hydrating, mucoadhesive. Théa has acquired immense experience in this domain with the development of a full range of products for lachrymal substitution, all preservative-free, in either single dose units or ABAK multi-dose bottles.
It has been shown that the use of preservatives should be avoided as they have harmful effects on the eyelids, the ocular surface and the quality of tears.


What is dry eye?

Dry eye, also known as dry eye syndrome, is a chronic irritation of the ocular surface as a result of anomalies in tear quantity and/or composition.   


What are the symptoms of dry eye?

The symptoms of dry eye are not specific and may also be encountered during allergies or eye infections...


What are the causes of dry eye?

Certain circumstances are accompanied by a reduction in the production of tears. Others promote the evaporation of tears1 in particular inflammation, which can damage the Meibomian glands and mucus cells.


How to treat Dry Eye ?

If you have symptoms on the ocular surface, it is essential to consult an ophthalmologist who is the only person who can make the diagnosis by using specific tests and who will prescribe the best treatment.